Rarely does an upgrade to your home come with so many benefits, in the case of impact windows and doors they are guaranteed to have a positive effect on your estimated home value and energy consumption. In most cases the cost of installation is completely offset by the savings that will be immediately generated. Living in South Florida means that you have to deal with a storm warning or watch at least once a year, putting up plywood too early or getting caught in the mad rush aren't your only choices. The benefit of having impact windows and doors -- with nothing to deploy -- frees up your time helping you focus on gathering critical basic supplies. Only you know how valuable the contents of your home are, invest a fraction of its value to protect the weakest point of entry to your sanctuary.


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No more Shutters or Plywood

Every year Broward County is in the path of a storm or two, in the meantime you have to scramble, stand in line and then put up plywood shutters. Impact windows and doors are "always on" letting you focus on other basic needs in order to protect your family.

resale value

Your home's value is determined by many factors including the features it has to offer. In South Florida, a house with storm windows sells faster than a house with shutters. At listing time your house would be worth a higher percentage than any house in your neighborhood.

Energy Efficiency

Windows and doors with southern and eastern exposure bring in 40% of radiant heat into the home. Double glazed windows and doors drastically minimize these effects all while reducing the wear and tear on the AC system in your home.

Security System

With 100% of breaking and enterings happening through doors and windows a security system is redundant. This will make it possible to cut this service from your monthly budget.

insurance cost

Unlock savings from your current home owner's insurance policy, your premium may drastically drop by protecting your home with impenetrable impact windows and doors.

energy savings

The number one reason your AC runs often is that radiant heat has made its way in and cooled air has escaped through thin windows. Run your AC less and reduce your FPL bill.

No upfront cost

Davie Glass can help you improve and protect your home with no upfront cost thanks to the Ygrene "No Money Down 100% Financing" program. The process is very simple; contact us for more info, you select your terms, we take care of your upgrades and you make payments through your property taxes. Ygrene financing isn't considered personal debt. Eligibility is based on property equity, among other factors. There's no reason to take on debt for home improvements anymore.
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